Monday Players

Monday Players is our drama company for adults with disabilities. The group is continually developing new material and building up their acting and theatre skills for performances.

Monday 2.00 to 4.00pm at the Crescent Arts Centre. Limited places. Contact Eileen on 02890 240 765 or Eileen@openartsni.org for more information.



Day Centre Client Classes

Open Arts Drama classes are challenging and fun. They help improve confidence and communications skills. Open Arts believes it is important for day centre clients to experience arts outside of their usual centres and for them to be a vital part of the Open Arts programme within the Crescent Arts Centre. We run three drama classes weekly during term times for day centre clients as listed below.


 Open Arts Monday Morningers

This is a drama class for participants from Edgecumbe TRC.


 Orchardville SEC

This is a drama class for participants of Orchardville SEC.


 Mount Oriel Day Centre

A drama class for participants from Mount Oriel Day Centre.