Peer Arts ID

In 2019 we completed a project with young people from Mae Murray Foundation as part of the ACNI Articulate funding programme and piloted Arts Awards, an accredited qualification from Trinity College, London. They worked across three art forms (music, dance and drama) and developed skills as peer educators to a group of non-disabled young people from Greater Shankill Partnership Youth Group. 

“The facilitators were so professional and had a brilliant approach with our members and siblings, hence great interaction. Everyone really enjoyed it and there was so much positive feedback from parents. As for myself and my colleague, we were overwhelmed!!”
A group of young people are taking part in a dance workshop. In pairs they are mirroring what the other person is doing. There is a lot of laugher and smiles.
Two young people, one who is a wheelchair user are in front of an audience that you can see reflected in mirrors behind them. They are also accompanied by Orla the facilitator. She is kneeling down with her head resting on her fist.

If you would like to learn more about the project, the process involved, along with the performances developed, you can watch the video below.

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