Words Out

‘Words Out’ is an eclectic anthology of creative work by Open Arts participants including our core writing group. The anthology also features a range of visual material from our art groups and gathers together many of the voices that have sounded from within the unique Open Arts programme, in celebration of our 30th year.

You can pick up a free copy from the Crescent Arts Centre on University Road, the University of Atypical on Royal Avenue and the Linen Hall Library across from Belfast City Hall.

Listen to the AUDIO BOOK

Andrew Ward, a member of the Open Arts Creative Writing group whose work features in the book said:

“Open Arts is my creative and social lifeline and being part of the organisation has helped me enormously over the past couple of years. As well as the great support I receive in the writing class and opportunities to be part of projects like ‘Words Out’, the Open Arts team has also helped me to access my own funding. I now have mentors who are helping me to create my own work that explores my feelings about my diagnosis of autism later in life.”

Picture of seven people.