Open Arts Community Choir

The choir meets on Monday nights from 7:15pm – 9:15pm in Divis Community Centre, Belfast.

"I really love being in the Open Arts Community Choir. I always feel encouraged and have made so many friends. It means so much being part of a choir which is inclusive, no matter what background you’re from or disability you have."
At Bangor Choral Festival 2018, the choir are in an arc shape with the front row seated and the back row standing.

The Open Arts Community Choir features people with and without disabilities from every section of the community who are all are united by their love of music and singing. The first or second Monday in the month is usually Big Choir Night, which is open to anyone aged 16 upwards, with or without disabilities with a love of singing. 

Subsequent Monday nights are rehearsals with the Open Arts Community Choir (festival choir) – this is an inclusive, auditioned group of singers who tackle more challenging music and perform concerts, civic and charitable events, competitive festivals, TV and radio. In 2017 they were awarded 2 gold medals and a gold diploma at the European Choir Games, Riga 2017.

For more information or to book the choir for your event please contact Bev,

2020 was the 20th anniversary of the choir and for their 18th birthday commissioned the video below, which highlights some of the remarkable achievements they’ve had over the years. 

Two popup stands are in the fore front of the picture. Open Arts on the left and Open Arts Community Choir on the right. In the background is the audience that attended Choir perform in the main hall in Stormont there is a walkway in the centre of the audience.
Choir at the foot of the stairs in the main hall of Stormont