Tuesday 10.30am to 11.30Am at the Crescent Arts Centre.

Creative writing for individual adults with disabilities.

Limited places. Contact Eileen on 02890 240 765 or eileen@openartsni.org for more information.


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Roving Writers Uncut



During the April to June term of classes our creative writers, along with all our other groups, explored the theme of water. Many of the poems, which are published below, featured in or influenced the content (drama, music and dance) of our Sky to Sea performance that happened on Saturday 6th June 2015. 

[wc_toggle title=”1. Group Poems” layout=”box”]At Low Tide by Alison Black, Andy Ward, Sarah Cantillion and Stephen Bradshaw


Punch drunk
On the rocks
Brindled, shiny sea lion

Roisin Watters by Peter Livingstone, Alison Black and third and Gareth Kilpatrick

I sit by the rushing water.
It sounds like little wind chimes making soft music,
Every day I wake to its song.

Swimming under water
Listening to the sounds of the current
I breathe and crave like a creature

I hear a sound otherworldly
Is it the voice in the river
Pulling me down?

Is it the voice in my head
Telling me to fight
To reach the surface?

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Rebirth by Gareth Kilpatrick

Born from the air
Formed in water
Formed from the sea?

Bathed in water
Blessed by water
Drinking water
Swimming in chlorinated leisure pools
Swimming with the fishes.

Born in impurity
Reborn by H₂0
Revitalizing waterfalls
Cascading down

Bottled, flavoured
So many varieties
Like people
Our greatest companion

Feeling the collective dirt
Of all my years
Dirt of society
Of my sins
Sins of the fathers

Needing to feel clean again
To wash away the guilt
Cleanse my body and spirit
Rejuvenate my soul

Filling me
With renewed energy
I can face the world again

This power is at my disposal
Just the touch of a tap

A wave washes over me
Cleans me through and through
Washing away the memory

Feeling alive and invigorated
A drop of rain for brighter days ahead
A wave
A shower
Shower of love.

Wet by Gareth Kilpatrick


I Am by Gareth Kilpatrick

Part One
I am the single drop of rain
that flows and trickles down
your window
down your face
down your soul.

I am the life giver
and the life taker
flowing or crashing
construction or destruction
depending on my mood.

I am the single raindrop
that flows from river to sea
joining my brothers and sisters
in that great eternal pool.

I am your essence
I am your life
I am the living and the dying
I am the dead and the undead
I am the Sustainer
I am Primordial
I am Friend and Foe
I am Intransigence
I am Water
I am Forever

Part Two
I am the single raindrop
That flows from river to sea
Joining my brothers and sisters
In that great eternal pool.

Queen of the ocean
Grows angry
At man’s wanton destruction
Of time and tide
The pearls of the sea
Of her kingdom.

I am water
Your essence
And sustainer
Remember me.
Don’t poison or pollute me
Or fill me with your refuse
Remember those who live within me
Respect me
Let me live and thrive and be
And I will ever be your friend
Together all our days.
From sky to sea


Without Water by Gareth Kilpatrick

Without water
I would be a husk
Pale shadow of my former self..

Bag of bones
Life energy extinguished
In the blink of an eye.

Withered corpse
Lying in ruin.

Like a crumbling leaf
In Autumn fall
A dried up teabag
That is all.

I do not jest
I would not be me

It would not be nice
That is no lie
I would die
Without water.

Breath by Gareth Kilpatrick

First breath
Last breath
Collective breath of ages

Withers and dies
Rises again
Cycle continues

Fleeting moment
A thought
A word
A sound upon the lips

Whispers in the wind

Future memories
Ever in formation
Fabric of time
We all are but a part.

Drowning by Gareth Kilpatrick

Panic stricken
Feel my life ebbing away
Waves engulf me

Thrashing against the current
Forces conspiring
Pulling me under.

I never learned to swim.

Has it come to this?
A life in vain
Ignominious farewell

Whence comes my help
Where is my rescue?
Will I be reached in tine?

Will I lie forgotten
Upon that bed
Ocean floor
Cold remnant
Of Nature’s might


Still Water by Gareth Kilpatrick

Lying here
Calm and serene
In open country

Fed by rain
Blessed by the sun
Warm and invigorating.

Fish swim within me
Birds and boats float on me
People catching my animal friends.

Providing food to nature
Lying in my little inlet
Bordered by land locked hills
Reclining in my dale
I am truly a wonder.
Who could spoil such natural beauty?



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Moments of Beauty by Sarah Cantillon

Beauty can be seen through the naked eye:
A swan swimming down a smooth lake.
A ballerina doing a pirouette on stage.
A horse galloping down a beach,
The glistening blue ocean.
A tree pregnant with rich foliage in the heat of summer.
The quietness of the earth as snow lays thick on the ground.
Autumn leaves, all honey yellow and red brown, billowing in the wind.
The bright blue sky on a warm summer’s day.
The dancing and laughter and shrieks of children as they play round the park.
Couples walking hand in hand on a balmy summer evening.
Making snow angels.
Making a beautiful meal for someone.
Having a wonderful dream and waking up remembering the beauty of it.My most beautiful moment is in Donegal:
lying flat as a starfish in the sea and looking up at the blue, blue sky.Everyone has beautiful moments. You just have to reach out and grasp them.Raindrops by Sarah CantillonI see raindrops through a window and I dream of far off places where I can escape to a desert island with the sun beaming out of the sky.
A country cottage where I can really let go and be myself.
A sun-soaked valley where I can take my dog for a long walk.
A meadow full of poppies where you can roll down a hill and feel free as a child.
A moonlit night. Walking along the beach under a bright moon
A storm filled day where you run with wild abandon.
Travelling to the Greek island of your dreams.
Going on a wild shopping spree and buying beautiful dresses.
Going to a big, bustling city like Venice or New York.

Suddenly I come back to my senses. The rain is coming down in sheets.
It is battering the window pane. I settle on the couch and make myself a cup of coffee.
I think I will stay in today and continue to lose myself in dreams of escape.

The Millpond by Sarah Cantillon

I walked by a millpond that was still as glass,
There wasn’t a soul in sight.
I held my solace to me, the still air,
The wide open space all about.
The crows were cawing overhead,
The foliage thick for the time of year,
The sun was beaming down, glistening through
The trees, shimmering on the lake –
Just then a kingfisher skimmed the water,
Dipped down under to catch his prey,
Beautiful, irridescence on his feathers.
I paused to watch him dive, then poke his head
Back up, a fish in his wet shiny beak –
And then he streaked away –
his treasure tightly gripped.


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Listen by Andy Ward

The sound of water
trickling, bubbling, splashing
dripping, dropping, pattering
Music to my ears

Flood by Andy Ward

The tap won’t turn off
the sink is overflowing
spilling everywhere
the kitchen’s like a pool
my feet are underwater

Without Water by Andy Ward

no washing
no cups of tea
not a drop to cook with
no way to escape
disease, drought and famine
without water

By the River by Andy Ward

Woman passer by
Walking by the riverside
She’s having a cry
Tears rippling the surface
Disturb her reflection

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Helen’s Bay by Stephen Bradshaw

As we walk along the shore,
The wind gently blowing
With the waves gently breaking
Like seahorses, all pulled up in a row,
I mount the beach in a dramatic gesture
And take my girlfriend’s hand,
The sound of the sea echoes in the darkness –
This is the sound of Paradise.
You don’t get perfect moments by chance
And this is no chance encounter, my wife to be,
As I go down on bended knee.

By Stephen Bradshaw

Blood red sky
Over the ocean
Blood red sky
Over the sea
Blood red sky
Meet my emotion
Blood red sky
Meet my Cherie.
Only time will tell
Black or white
Take or release
Blood red sky.


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Drink on! by Jim McClureIf water be the food of life,
I need to feel it trickle
I need to feel it run
I need it more than Pepsi
Tea and Cappuccino
Mocha or Latte
I need it to lift my wings
It’s an essential part of me.

Slow down by Alison BlackSlow down going down the hill,
Water gurgling in the pipes,
The weeping willow brimming,
The gushing water flowing like a crystal.

When the tank has filled up,
Calmness comes to the water,
It becomes still like a sheet.

Under attack whilst swimming,
The slipper falling off,
Sun shining, emerging from the rainbow,
The pied piper slowing down.

Watching the dales,
Banking on the wash,
Swamped in water.

Swimming under water,
Listening to the sounds of the current,
I breathe & I crave like a creature,

World of oceans.
Rich for today,
View for survival in a beehive.

Fear of the water tanks,
The sinking feeling,
Drowning & kicking.

Breathing & trying to save breath,
Grabbing onto anything & praying,
Needing mouth to mouth,
Not giving up.

Watching the day pass,
No top hats here,
She outshines me,
Nevertheless I am on course for the day.

Love pokes her head up,
Rebel without a cause,
Shaking her saffron hair.

The quiet colour wash,
Feeling the real door closing,
Becoming peaceful & quiet.

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Pearl by Carley Palmer

Precious life inside,
carried by gentle sea currents.Many pearls in the Oceanic Kingdoms hide,
but have their own magic.

One special one, of rainbow scales’ gleam,
has a very precious gift.

The gift of new life, a baby Selkie –
Entrusted to River, the Queen of the ocean.

She will protect the pearl, nurture it.
One day, a baby Selkie will hatch from it.

But for now, River will watch over the pearl.


Queen of the Ocean by Carley Palmer

I am River, queen of the Oceanic Kingdoms.
I protect Life underwater like dolphins, sea turtles among other creatures.
My home is filled with many wonders and magic, which humans cannot understand.
I can shape shift into many things, water creatures, or the waves themselves.
I am a nymph, a magical being with long sea weed like hair but very beautiful.
I hate when humans pollute my oceans with trash and black stuff but not all humans are like that.
When angry, I can create powerful storms which you humans call tsunamis but I hate causing harm since I am just protecting my ocean home.
There are many treasures in the Oceanic Kingdom such as rainbow coloured pearls which hold new life inside, like baby selkies or jewels that many people would want for jewellery which upsets me.
My home is made of coral, an oceanic castle. My home is linked to the Selkie Kingdom.
Sometimes kind hearted humans have visited my world and use it to tell other humans to take care of the oceans since nature is not human hearted.