Movement & Mentoring

Disabled young people, some with complex needs, from Mae Murray Foundation will work with disabled dance facilitators and members of Luminous Soul (Open Arts’ dance company) in a series of workshops including a 5-day residency. The project will focus on mentoring and role modelling for the young people to increase their self-esteem and confidence. As a result will improve the mental health and social well-being of the participants many of whom experience issues around exclusion, isolation and stigma associated with their disability. It will positively impact on participants’ social skills as they learn to interact with others in a safe environment where they have shared experiences, which will help them make connections and friendships.

They will work to an end performance, which will be programmed as part of Bounce festival 2023 and will provide a voice for disabled young people to communicate their feelings to a wider audience and raise some much-needed awareness of the issues facing disabled people of all ages.

As part of this process the young people will also have the opportunity to achieve accreditation through Arts Awards, which are awarded through Trinity College, London.

Picture of 6 teenagers from Mae Murray, three of which are wheelchair users are taking part in an intensive dance workshop. There are three wheelchair users and three non wheelchair users. All have their arms in the air and are moving animately.
Six teenagers are sitting with their backs to the camera in a semi-circle watching four of their peers in the middle dancing in pairs. Two of the teenagers are wheelchair dancers.

The video below shows clips from the 5-day residency, rehearsals, and the final performance at the Bounce festival in October 2023.

This  project is supported by ACNI Young People & Wellbeing Arts Programme and BT Telecommunity Fund distributed by Community Foundation NI.