Monday Players Drama

Monday Players is our core drama group.The purpose of the group is to build individual confidence and performance skills and to work toward group productions and public performances.

Monday Players meet every Monday from 2pm – 4pm in the Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast.

“I’m mainly involved in drama and it has greatly improved my overall quality of life. And then there is the social side of it, getting to meet different people. It’s also improved my health because I’ve been out doing stuff and you’re meeting people with similar experiences to yourselves, which is good.”

Mechanical actors on stage at Midsummer Night's Dream performance at MAC

Below is a short film, Baking with Carley’ which was shown at our 25th Anniversary reception at Belfast City Hall in 2017.

Open Arts encourage collaboration between all our classes and create large productions that incorporate ideas from all our participants and are performed publicy. Here are some productions that Monday Players have been involved in.

Three male and two female actors on stage. They are all seated.
A mother and son sit on an iron cast bed with an orange and red duvet. The boy is reading a book whilst the mother leans over to see. At the head of the bed is a tall male actor with a peaked cap with his eyes cast downwards. To the right of the bed is a side cabinet with a family photo on top.
Centre stage two actors one female, one male sit side by side chatting. To their right is a tall female walking towards them wearing a multi coloured shawl top and loose navy trousers. Behind the seated actors is a group of dancers wearing pale blue outfits and travelling towards the right side of the stage.