Luminous Soul

Luminous Soul rehearsals are held every Thursday from 1pm – 3pm at The Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast.

Dancing feels like flying. My body feels so light and really like I’m flying when I dance with Luminous Soul. My disability has become beautiful – not something to hide.”

Luminous Soul is a unique, contemporary dance programme and the only such programme in Northern Ireland. It provides high-quality dance training and development for disabled people and to work toward group productions and public performances. 2019 was the 10th anniversary of the programme.

Luminous Soul has worked with many expert choreographers and tutors from around the UK and Northern Ireland. The group has performed at many high profile festivals and events locally and nationally. 

In September 2019, we hosted MeetShareDance festival as part of the 10th anniversary celebrations of our dance company, Luminous Soul. MeetShareDance is an international, inclusive workshop festival. Over three days there were 5 workshops involving 40 dancers from 7 countries and culminating in ‘flash mob’ type performance in the heart of Belfast’s City Centre.

We commissioned the short film below to capture the experiences of all involved over the three days.

Flash mob of dancers in the middle of a main street in Belfast City Centre with onlookers. Part of the Meet Share Dance Festival weekend.
A bright room with a wooden floor and large windows. In the centre is a woman doubled over in her wheelchair with her arms stretched back holding on to the wheels. To the right of her are three females hunched up close together with their arms dangling by their sides. To the right of the central woman is a line of dancers male and female standing with their arms in the air like they are waving them from side to side.

The video below shows highlights from Luminous Soul’s 10 year anniversary.

Two female dancers, one a wheelchair user pose with their arms in the air. Both are wearing black t-shirts.