Chatting for Change

How to make your business more accessible!

Don’t know where to start? Ask a disabled person!

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Jemma & Cinzia are sat a table engaging in conversation. Jemma has long dark hair and is wearing jeans and a green jumper. Cinzia has short dark hair and is wearing a black top and stripy trousers, she is a powerchair user.
Ciaran & Cinzia are facing each other at a table and engaging in a conversation. Cinzia is a powerchair user with short dark hair and is wearing a black top and stripy trousers. Ciaran is wearing a moss green beanie hat and is wearing a blue checked shirt and black jeans.

Our Chatting for Change programme offers you the unique opportunity to talk directly to disabled people though Living Library events. A Living Library is just like an ordinary library, except all our books are people! You borrow our ‘books’ for a chat and learn more about their life experiences.

Our books have various disabilities or care for those with disabilities. Examples of our books include: 

Being Mummy. 

The story of a mummy and her fun-loving nonverbal son.

Never judge a book by its cover. 

“I never judge a book by its cover because I can’t see it.” 

Prosecco, Painting & Peddling 

A life of fun after an acquired brain injury! 

Programme Details

We can supply up to 8 books for each event, with a minimum 4 required to run the programme. If you have specific requests for books at the event, we will do our best to accommodate, but availability is not always guaranteed. No matter what, you will have the opportunity to speak to a diverse range of people.

Please note if the venue is booked independently it must be approved by Open Arts for access. For an additional admin cost plus the hire cost Open Arts can source and book a venue for you.

A conference room in the Maldon Belfast were 3-4 people are sat at 3 rectangle tables spread around the room. They are engaging in a conversation with an Open Arts Library Book.
Mary Lou is with her sister and is using her assistive communication device to chat with two women attending the Living Library event. Behind them are two penguin stands with promotional information about Living Libraries and Visit Belfast.